1. Are HAY! Straws® available for wholesale?

Yes, please shop our wholesale collection or shoot us an email at hello@haystraws.com. 


2. What size are the straws? 

Our tall size drinking straw is 7 3/4".
Our cocktail size drinking straw is 5".


3. Are HAY! Straws Gluten-Free?

Yes! Our straws have been tested by University of Nebraska Lincoln, Food Allergy and Resource Program and have a low gluten reading of 8ppm, which is classed as gluten-free. For a product to be classified as gluten-free the ppm reading must be under 20ppm.


4. Do HAY! Straws contain wheat?

Yes, HAY! Straws® are made from the stem of the wheat plant. HAY! Straws® are not intended to be eaten or digested and should only be used as a straw to drink various liquids. Our straws are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before packaging.


5. I have allergies to hay or grass. Can I use a HAY! Straw®?

Hay and grass allergens can vary person to person, and everybody is different. If you suffer from severe allergies to hay or grass we recommend you consult your doctor or allergist before using HAY! Straws®. 


6. Are HAY! Straws® non GMO?

Our HAY! Straws are non GMO. Almost all wheat grown in the world is non GMO because wheat varieties can be naturally breed and does not require genetic modification to achieve desired results. Our straws are not formally certified yet but this is something we are looking to complete in 2020. 


7. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, check out our other stores in the USA and the UK. We can ship to most countries around the world but if you are not able to check out with you're country of choice, please contact hello@haystraws.com





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